9. Overtaking

  • The drivers of all kinds of vehicles shall overtake each other on the left-hand side.
  • The drivers of all kinds of vehicles shall be carefully when overtaking, the drivers must observe the vehicles in opposite direction and estimate the time of overtaking in order to avoid danger in driving.
  • When overtaking a vehicle with the same direction on the road with 2 lanes, the drivers shall overtake only from the left side of that vehicle.
  • After overtaken please don’t shift to the right immediately until you have an acceptable distance from the car behind, then give driving sign to show that you are going back to the right lane.
  • Overtaking shall be made in the distance at least 200m from the vehicle of opposite direction.
  • If you are overtaken by other vehicles, you have to slow down in order to allow the overtaking vehicle to overtake faster.
  • Q: When can you overtaking on the right hand side?
    A: - We can overtake on the right hand side when the vehicle that we want to        overtake is turning left or prepare to turn left.
         - Or when the road is wide enough, which have two lanes or above, for the       same direction and there is no obstacle in front.
  • When you cannot overtake on the road with two lanes and two directions:
    • When you cannot see the view ahead while you drive to the high ground or near the curved road.
    • When you are 100m away from the junction road or railroad.
    • When you do not have clear view because you are closing to the bridge or curved road.
    • When you drive on the road with prohibit overtaking sign.
    •  When there is double yellow line in the middle of the road, or sign that indicate that “it’s dangerous to overtaking”