III. Land Traffic Signs

a. Traffic Signs
1. Prohibitory Signs
Prohibitory signs have round shape surrounding by double line, the inner line is in red and thicker, the outer line is thinner and in white color; and the image inside usually is in black. Sometime it is necessary to use the traffic signs in black and white color, these kind of signs is used to warn drivers not to do something like shown in the signs, for instance, do not turn left, do not turn right, do not park, etc. Thus, all drivers shall follow when seeing these signs.

2.    Mandatory Signs
Mandatory Signs have round shape with white outline and blue background, and the images or signs inside are in white. These kinds of signs mean that drivers shall follow the meaning the signs, for instance, turn left, or turn right, etc; In order to avoid danger or traffic jam.

In some cases there is necessary to use “Stop Mandatory Signs” which have the same figure, but consist of a red line slide from the top right to bottom left.

3. Information Signs
Information Signs have square shape with white outline and blue or white background, and the figure inside is in white, except emergency signs the figure inside is in red and white background; and the sign of ‘be careful with forest fire’ has red outline, white background, and the figure can be in blue, red, or yellow.

These kinds of signs are used to give information or location to drivers or passengers.

4.    Warning Signs
Warning Signs have diamond shape with double outline, outer outline is in white and the inner line is in black, the background is in yellow and the figures is in black.

These kinds of signs tell drivers to be more careful with the road ahead in order to avoid danger or accident. When see these signs, drivers shall slow down and follow the meaning of the sign.

5. Priority Signs

6. Additional Signs

7. Temporary or Construction Signs

8. Direction Signs

9. Signs Telling Road’s Name

10. Signs Indicate Crowed Place and Border