a. Morality in driving mean the driver is polite and respects other driver and people on the road. Having morality is having dignity which leads to have peace and development.

Driver should practice as bellow:
  - If there is vehicle who rushes to go and blow the horn, we should slow down and shift to the right if there is no obstacle in front.
  - In the situation that vehicles have the right to go, but they stop and let us go first, we should raise our hand or bow our head to show some thankfulness.
  - Parking disorganized is consider as leaking of morality or violate the traffic rule.
  - Speed must be slow down if there is motorcycle or other vehicle making sign of overtaking; and shall shift to the right to allow vehicle behind who is urgent to go first.
  - When closing to the place where there is water or mud on the road, dusty road, or crowed place we have to slow down to avoid water or mud spread over the new by passenger.
  - Must not spit or throw something out of the vehicle which annoy or affect other passenger or vehicle.

b. Be tolerant while driving
Driver shall tolerant and forgive to the small mistake those other drivers have on the road.
   - If there is a little accident, we should solve the problem peacefully, do not using violent act
   - Even we are right base on the law; we should forgive to those who violate the law or to those who have vehicle technical problem.
We must maintain calm attitude, friendly, and avoid violent feedback.