2.1- Mini Motorbike
Mini motor bike are two or three wheels motorbike which engine horse power is 50cc or less with the maximum speed do not exceed 30km/h on the a flatted road.  
     - Other requirements: the motorbike’s wheels should be at least 16 inches in length from the center, and the distant between front and rear wheel should not be longer than 38 inches.
     - Mini motorbike need to installed sufficient equipments required like normal size motors bike or other two wheels vehicle to be legally drive on the public roads.
     - The driver has to be at least 16 year of age and already earn his/her own motorbike driving license with them.
     - Mini motorbike or toktok or engine bike are vehicle which average horse power is less than two wheels drive vehicle. To be able to drive on the public road, these kinds of vehicles need all the equipments required by other kinds of normal motorbike.
     - You also need a special allowance along with normal motor driving license to drive the above vehicles.
2.2 Motorbike
Motorbike driver have the same obligations, rights, and responsibility just like every other drivers. Although, every driver has to abide to the very same law enforcement, there are some scenarios and situations in which driver need to know to share the road to other road user without any accident.
Be cautious with motorbike. It is really hard to see the overall traffic conditions. The motor’s breadth is only 2cm long compare to car which as long as 5cm. Even if driver somehow able to see the overall traffic condition, it is still very difficult to estimate the speed and distance of other vehicles.
Every motors bike rider has to wear a helmet for motorbike rider. Being cautious and awareness of special condition in driving can help you avoid impact with other motorbikes.