+ Turning to left side
-    Motorbike riders have to use the left turning signal in a portion of the road or between cars in at least 50m to his/her turning point.
-    Situation that motorbike is allowed to move into part or car lance are: the bike produce left turning signal light and in at least 5m in front of a car. In this case the car driver who has seen the turning signal light and at least 5m behind the bike has to let the bike in his lance.

+ Turing to right side
-    Before turning to the right side, glance through rear mirrors, especially the right rear mirror, to see the location and movement of traffic behind you.
-     If there is not any obstacles, turn on the right turn signal light in a distant from the point where you want to make a right turn, and then slow your bike down and move to the right side.
-    When you are about to make a right turn, make sure to double check both left and right side with the rear mirror, especially right mirror, to ensure that there is really no obstacles on the right behind your bike. If the road is vacant, move to the end of the right as much you can and also be cautious about pedestrians walking across the street.