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1.     Main Factor of Traffic Accident

Base on reports and researchesshown that there are 3 main factors that cause traffic accident:

 1.           Human Factor

a.       Driveover the limited speed: Driving in higher speed can lead the driver to lostcontrol over vehicle while meeting the obstacle accident on the road;especially on the slipping road or the front view is not clear. In short, wecan’t control our vehicle when there is a sudden accident.

b.      Drivingunder the force of alcohol and addicted drug, very sleepy, very tired, or veryangry. Base on the research of scientist shown that when people in thesituation of drunk, very sleepy, very tired, or very angry, the human brain becomenumb and cannot make fast decision or on time. So, when there is a sudden accidentit is difficult to stay away from the dander because the driver has slowdecision making or slow action taking in controlling vehicle.

c.       Violatingpriority rights in Traffic Law on the cross road or on the road with PrioritySign. Traffic accident occurs frequently because drivers from different road donot respect each other’s rights; such as people who on the road with lowpriority do not stop and allow people on the high priority road to travelfirst.

d.      Overtakingwithout attention: Traffic accident often occur with heavy injure because overtakingwithout attention especially on the situation that is not good for overtaking.Before overtaking, every driver must make sure that there will be nointerruption or dander to themselves or other people.

e.       Donot respect the traffic sign: Respecting the traffic sign is a significant task;for example, slow down sign or stop sign etc. if the sign indicates that thedrivers have to slow down, but the driver still remain in high speed, it canlead to fall into deep valley or cause traffic accident.

f.       Turningleft, right or back with no attention or violate the traffic rule: Some driverswhen they want to turn left or back, they just turn immediately without makingany sign to make people in the back or the side known.

 2.           Vehicle Factor

Vehicle is also afactor that cause traffic accident such as the brake is not work while driving orhaving flat tire. There are 4 factors of car safety: wheel, brake, steeringwheel, and light. So drivers have to regularly maintain these 4 factors.

  3.           Road Factor

Road is also afactor that cause traffic accident such as strong curved road, wide roadcontract to narrow road, or damaged road. So the driver must pay attention tothe above issue.

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