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First aid is an emergency rescuetaking place before the doctor arrived. The aim of first aid is to reduce thelevel of pain of the patients and rescue people from serious situation to avoiddeath in a short time especially in the traffic accident.


When there is a traffic accident,the rescuers have to action to ensure the situation is not become worse or keepthe crowed audience away from the patients by putwarning sign or warning people that do not understand about first aid to stayaway from the patients.


Before rescue, rescuers have to askpermission from the patients or their relatives, and have to use hygiene equipmentand must not touch the wound with empty hand.

In order to make it easy in practice,we have to understand some vocabularies:

Rescue Agents: are professionalrescuers who skillful in this field.

Rescuers: are people who haveknowledge about first aid.

Patients: people who are in dangerfrom accident.

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