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Both bicyclers and car driver have to abide to traffic law to avoid accident.
     - Car driver: You need to aware that biker is equally legal driver like yourself. Normally bicycle will go much slower than you do. Do not drive too close to a bicycle. There is no brake light installed on a bike, so you will not know if the bike going to just slow down or stop. Bicycle will halt to a complete stop, with less balance, much faster than a car does. If the biker slip and fall or sway from side to side, you will need a safe distant to avoid run over them. When you over take biker(s) do not use your horn to signal them. Leave some space so that the bikers do not need to sway from the road or change their lance to side walk. Always be careful every time you open the door at the traffic moving side. A sudden move, forward or backward, may lead to crash into a biker.
     - Biker: Bikers need to be aware that bike is also a form of vehicle that come along with it legal right, obligations, and responsibility just like car driver. Bikers who move slower than the traffic speed need to move at the end along the right of the road as much as possible, except when you need to turn or over take other vehicles that move in the same direction. You can move on the side walk or lance reserved for bikers which is at the end of the right. Biker should not right along side by side more than two at a time either except when you are on a road only bike allowed or bike lance. When you ride side by side with another biker, you surly cannot move as you normally do or properly as the law permitted. Bikers are required to wear helmet. Studies show that most of the head injuries are much more severe when biker slip, fall, or hit one another. Other special conditions are: bikers always have to keep at least one hand steering, never put passenger more than available seat, sufficient and good condition brake, and never show any weird move while riding along a road.            

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