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10. Parking

  • All kinds of vehicles shall park at the available space on right hand side or parking lot.
  • Vehicles shall park 5 meters from the cross road and 5 centimeters from the sidewalk.
  • While parking without human inside, the drivers shall stop the engine and lift the emergency brake (hand brake).
  • If the vehicle equip with auto gearbox, shall set P (Parking) while parking.
  • If the vehicle equip with manual gearbox, shall not set gearbox to null while parking.
  • Only if there is parking sign, the vehicles can park on the right side of the road.
  • Please turn the front wheel if the vehicle is on the high ground on the left side such as:
    • Before going down the slop, the front wheel shall be turned closely to the sidewalk.
    • Before going up the slope the front wheel shall be turned away from the sidewalk, and the rear part of the right front wheel should close to the sidewalk.
    • In case there is no sidewalk, vehicles shall turn close to the edge of the road in order to follow the traffic law which vehicles have to park 2cm from the sidewalk.
    • Shall not put the vehicle on the travel lane, unless the vehicle is broken or it’s in emergency situation.
    • You must not leave child under 16 years old in the car alone while the car engine is on.
  • Parking is prohibited to take place:
    • On the sidewalk or planting area.
    • In the distance of 5 meters from the entrance or exit of the public or private place.
    • On the junction road.
    • In the distance of 15 meters from the firefighter water source.
    • In the distance of 20 meters from sidewalk to junction road.
    • On the road where other vehicles passing.
    • In the distance of 30 meters from the blinking traffic light, stop sign, or no parking sign.
    • On the area of danger prevention space (place where reserved for pedestrians), on the sidewalk, or in the distance of 30 meters from the edge of the area that prevent danger.
    • In the distance of 50 meters from railroad or places where train pass by.
    • In the distance of 20 meters from the entrance or exit of the firefighter station, or in the distance of 75 meters from the opposite side of the road far from the firefighter station.
    • Near the construction of railroad, where standing or parking is prohibited.
    • In the side direction in front of or behind the vehicles which parking on the edge of the road or near the sidewalk.
    • On the bridge or on the high construction area.

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