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Sharing a lance with motorbike is very crucial. Motorbike riders have every right on the main lance as other vehicles users. Some good motorbike riders frequently move his lance to see and to be seen clearly as well as to avoid object lying around or along the road. Driving along a road, you should never drive side by side with a motor bike in the same lance, even if the lance is quite big with some space to spare whereas the motorbike rider moves to the corner. Doing this, you are not only break the law you may also at fault at accident.
-    Bad weather: It comes along with slippery road which is also a problem that teaches a motor rider. Always keep your distant with a motorbike especially when the road is wet and slippery. Good motor rider will slow down at such condition. Remember, motorbike only has two wheels not four like your car. Be cautious with your light when it rain, making the road surface wet, especially at night. It is very hard to see motorbike and rider event if you in a very good condition. Rain, dust, and smoke can cause motor rider to have a lot less visibility than one drive in a car. Face protecting plastic cover, windshield, and eyes protecting glasses can partially help the motor rider, but it can’t solve the visibility problem in this situation.
-    The wind that blows across: It may be dangerous to motor rider. The wind may push the motor out of the moving lance. The place rider should be very be careful are: place where no barrier, on a long road, and bridge. Speedy large truck can also produce strong enough wind current to scare motorbike rider, and in some case it may even push the those motorbike out of its lance, so prepare yourself to change the speed or direction from the bike.     
-    Section of the road
Rubbish on the road is not the problem for a car driver but is affecting for a motor rider. In fact, the rubbish always causes the issue, such as some rocks, the broken pieces of something, the middle road wall and small animals and the manhole cover which can make a motor changing gear and direction immediately.

-    Crossing railway on the hill
It’s possible to be difficult to go across the side of the road so the motor riders have to change gear or direction across the road with the front wheel. Sometimes the motor riders have to stand up to escape from knocking by rolling road badly.

-    Iron bridge and rock bridge
It causes the shaking of the front wheel of the motor heavily during you are driving a car and this shaking causes the motor riders who don’t have experience in lowering the speed and changing the direction .

-    Gutter on the road:
When the motor rider touches the gutter at the first time, he/she will realize the shaking. Immediately the motor riders have to reduce the gear or go to other part of the road to protect this shaking.

-    Be careful with this situation and must follow the above mentioned notes.
-    Remember that even you are right or wrong in the law of the traffic, the motor are always more dangerous than the car. The general attention can reduce an accident, injury and death.

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